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Why choose us?


More than 25% of our students enter Higher Education with scholarships (Universidad de los Andes, Universidad de la Sabana and Universidad del Rosario amongst others)


More than 15% of our students continue their Higher Education abroad (USA, Australia, England and other countries)


We offer more than 20 extracurricular, artistic, scientific, cultural and sports activities, including horse riding, robotics, Lego®, astronomy, chess, gastronomy, photography, history and mathematics


We are pioneers in our participation with the PISA for Schools project, the most advanced external evaluation of schools worldwide.


We are a bilingual school. We are a British Council Affiliated School and part of the Cambridge English Schools program.


Part of our infrastructure includes a modern Sports Arena with a capacity for 750 people, featuring automated retractable bleachers and electronic scoreboards, to aid the development of artistic, sports and academic activities.

Educational Proposal

At Gimnasio Los Andes our focus is on the integral formation of students based on the appropriate stages of development of their knowledge dimensions and abilities. This focus enables us to concentrate on the formation of young people with both academic success and consciousness of the importance of wellbeing and respect for others.
We strengthen learning processes based on the Teaching For Understanding methodology which stimulates the construction of knowledge through inquiry processes and collaborative learning.

Over three decades, Gimnasio Los Andes has taken important and significant steps in transforming education. We are focused on the formation of well-rounded human beings who have the opportunity to learn from and contribute to their culture in order to make positive changes throughout their lives. This objective has formed the basis of our motto: “The School for Life”

Infants Cycle

Exploration and Creativity

This Cycle is based upon creating meaningful learning experiences in order to discover the talents of our youngest students, whilst providing them with effective tools for life. We promote the development of solidarity, creativity and thinking through games, literature, art and the exploration of the environment. We build classroom projects based on the students’ interests, motivations and needs, generating significant and long lasting learning in early childhood.

Intermediate Cycle

Discovery and New Experiences

In this Cycle, discovery and new experiences are the center of students’ formative experiences. Through the different academic areas, we support a natural transition from the practices and learning initiated during the early years of school, to the formalization and augmentation of those processes.

Pre-Juvenile Cycle

Inquiry and Exploration

During this Cycle, students begin to make decisions about their own educational processes, developing autonomy and critical thinking skills. It also marks the transition from childhood to adolescence, where we offer the possibility for our students to choose and explore different areas of knowledge in an environment of respect, fellowship and joy.

Juvenile Cycle

Experimentation and Analysis

In this Cycle the students’ learning is guided by experimentation and analysis, processes that are characteristic of this stage of their development, and fundamental to critical thinking.

The students strengthen their individuality, explore various disciplines and cultures, express themselves with freedom and contribute to the improvement of their community. Also in this Cycle the approach to Natural Sciences is divided into three separate disciplines (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) to enable each one to be explored more rigorously and with more depth.

During this Cycle students also have the opportunity to begin to study online for a double diploma with Keystone High School, Virginia, USA.

Specialized Cycle

Young people building their life project

During this Cycle, students develop their creativity by solving problems related to their interests and acquire vocational skills that will enable them to perform successfully at university. They strengthen reflective critical thinking processes, leading to the formation of an autonomous and global citizen.

Our diversified curriculum allows various options to be chosen by students according to their interests, including: Economic and Administrative Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering, Environmental and Health Sciences, Language and Literature, Humanities, Visual Arts, Media, Architecture and Design, Language Arts and Computer Science. In addition, they have the possibility to become more acquainted with fields of knowledge such as Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

In this Cycle students can participate in an academic program in Ottawa’s Carleton District School where they embark on a program of online study, and later study a six-month program in Canada in which they can obtain a double diploma.


We educate students to be proficient in the English language, though curricula with strong cultural foundations, opening up a world of possibilities.

At Gimnasio Los Andes we generate scenarios for the practice of English beyond the classroom. As a part of the ongoing bilingualism program, we offer a structured cultural support to complement the bilingual subjects. The activities generally take place outside the classroom and involve different students from different grades and varying proficiency levels of English as a second language in the different content areas.

During each first school recess each day, students have the opportunity to interact in English in an English language cafe, which is open to all Primary and Secondary school students. The café changes themes and menus each week to expose the students to a variety of cultures and foods, and hosts English language movies and music, as well as various English-speaking events such as karaoke, origami, sunflower planting and art exhibitions.

The school has also adopted two incentives to encourage students in Preschool and Primary School to speak in English during the classes that are taught in English; namely Bilingual Bear and Star of the Week. The schemes reward students’ efforts to use English, rather than their accuracy, so as to encourage them to take risks when producing language.

Throughout the year, Gimnasio Los Andes hosts a range of cultural events, intended to support and augment the bilingualism programme. These events take place during students’ recess times and are designed to engage the student to use English outside the classroom, and are generally interdisciplinary, encouraging students to make connections between the subjects they study and real-life situations.


Educating in values and critical thinking

Caring and coexistence – We educate for life.

Our school program of wellbeing is based on the ethics of caring, encouraging the participation of our students to address, analyze and solve conflicts and problems prevalent in society. Dialogue and coordination are promoted by our Manual of Coexistence and other ethical frameworks which are in place, to encourage a society that promotes and respects human rights.

Artistic and Sport Schools


We offer spaces that allow the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experiences of individuals and cultures. We offer instruction in instrumental and vocal music, media, visual arts and design. Also we promote such events as The Interschool Dance Festival, The Video Festival, The Alternate Theater Event, Artistic Evening and The Infants’ Cycle Art Exhibition, amongst others.


Our academic and recreational sports programs offer different alternatives and opportunities for students of all ages to motivate them towards the permanent practice of physical activity and sports as an irreplaceable means in the training of healthy habits for life.